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2011: Day 12

Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 |

Got up this morning ready for a day or worship…it is going to be awesome! It is amazing how welcoming and loving the church is here, it is a reminder of home. Derek sang with the worship leader and…NAILED IT!! He did a great job and the people really appreciated the fact he learned Swahili. They all cheered when he finished. Mike preached on the “aroma of Christ” and what that means. At the end of the service he had people come up for prayer and the elders were more than happy to pray over their congregation. One of the greatest sights was to watch the children dance. At the closing of the service the children come in and dance and sing to a song…AND THEY CAN DANCE! The most amazing thing is to watch our group interact with everyone. There is a true demonstration of love for people they have known for only a short time. The youth had a “fun day” and had a bar-b-que and played games…kinda like we do from time to time. Teenagers are pretty much the same everywhere. Then we left there and went to where the TUBE is…we pulled in to the school and over a hundred smiling faces were there to greet us. Then is began…the fun, the yelling, the running…YAY! We had so much fun. Kaleb actually looked and me and said, “I never want to leave.” Then is was back to the hotel and dinner and sleep…we are so ready for tomorrow.

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Psalm 96:9
“Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth.”