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Today we said our good-byes and headed to Nairobi for our last week here…but before I get into that, I would like to share what happened today before we left. I don’t have any pictures right now, so I am going to try and describe it in words. We had arranged for the 5 children that were sponsored while we were here to come to the Tumaini office today and be blessed by their sponsor (and those representing their sponsors). It was a great day!! These children came and had no idea that some of our team members would spend the rest of the money they had buying them shoes, socks, sweaters, skirts, hats, an abundance of toys, and in some cases ice cream. Some of the children had no idea how to react, but they felt loved…you could see it on their faces! How awesome!! I came to a conclusion that I think this is the response of a heart is turned towards God and a person that realizes the blessings in their own life. Kaleb Puckett made this statement tonight in a prayer, “God, I am so blessed and I know the only reason I am blessed is to bless others.” This is how we should respond in every situation…our faith and love for God cannot be determined by the situation we are in. This was never more displayed to our team then visiting and getting to know the people here. We are also reminded of a night that we attended a Bible study. We met in this small courtyard down a dark alley…our light came from a small dimly glowing porch light and those holding flashlights with mosquitoes buzzing around. We opened our Bibles and began to take about who God is and the Truth of who He is…then it came to an end and it was time for prayer. We went around and everyone was asked what they would like to have prayer for…it came to a girl named Ann…an amazing young teenager with a twin sister named Alice…this is what Ann said, “Please pray for the needy.” WHAT!! You are asking for prayer for the needy? YOU ARE THE NEEDY? But the truth is, God’s love, grace, mercy, and calling to pray for others, is not based on our situation. We can all learn from Ann. So in getting back to the children that visited today…our team here (the team you sent here) has blessed and been blessed more that we could ever describe in words. This brings up the next thing that happened today…

WE BOUGHT CHICKENS!!! Well not actually “we”…it was Ken and Sean that both put in 4000 shillings each and bought 19 chickens for the “Wamunyu Special School”…the school for disabled children. How great is that?!?!?! When we had visited the school to deliver the mosquito nets that Emily had bought for every student, we were taken on a tour. During the tour we came to a chicken coop that had 3 chickens and a rooster. Damaris (the lady that runs the school) began to tell us that they had alot of chickens die and how they were hopeful to fill the chicken coop again one day. We finished the tour, played with the kids, listened to them sing, handed out stickers and “sweets” (candy), and then loaded up on the bus to leave…but something was different. Ken and Sean came to me and said, “We want to buy chickens for them.” Again, I believe that this is a response of a heart turned towards God. A heart that listens to His Spirit…and then responds. The response? Buying the chickens, and delivering them today to a group of cheering and excited students…how awesome is that.

All of these things, whether buying shoes, clothes and gift for sponsored kids or, buying chickens for a school…this is the response God wants us to have when people are in need…PERIOD!! End of discussion. This does not need to be done only in Africa…think about the people around you that truly need help. “God please give the ability to see people the way you see people and break our hearts for what breaks Yours. -Amen”

Closing thought:

Please pray for our team members. We were all sitting around the table tonight doing our bible study, and began to share from hearts. It was so hard for us to understand that while we would be sleeping in a nice room, in a bed, with clean water within arms reach, with full stomachs from dinner we just had…that there are children like Muia who are crammed into a small room with 6 other people, without a bed to sleep on (yet), and probably hungry…at that same moment. That is something hard to wrap your head around.



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