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(I am posting this now…because I couldn’t get the internet to work in any of the airports we were in…and it is the first time I have been on my computer since we have been home.) Well, it’s true…we are at the beginning stages of our long journey home. I know that I (we) have been a little lazy on keeping up on these “blog” things but I thought I would bring you up to date. Yesterday, we woke up...

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Where to begin…

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Today was a great day. We entered in, having an idea but, not really knowing what we were in for. First, let’s go back a couple days. When we arrived at HEART on Monday, we really did not know what they were going to have us do. So, we woke us Tuesday morning and went to the WEEP Center and painted the room that the women sell the items they make (well, I didn’t go. I was back at the hotel sick...

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Tribute to Muia

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Pls take 5 min and watch. More info http://www.tumainiinternational.org. Thanks to @StevenCurtis ?#?HonorKenya2013? Please pass along if you feel so inclined. Muia Video  

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“We do our best and God does the rest.”

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“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith…” -Galatians 3:26  Charles                                   Nick Nick and Charles (founders of Community Transformers) were born and grew up in the Mithari Slum. In 2008 (Nick and Charles were about 19 years old) there was a political uprising in Kenya (most of you have probably heard about this). Two tribes each...

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“Normal” Things From Our Days in Kenya

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On this blog, the team has captured so many of the momentous events during our time in Kenya.  Now that I’ve been home for a week, one of the aspects of life in Kenya that I miss are the more mundane things. Whether in the morning or the evening, we turn the knobs to take a shower not knowing what we’ll get that day.  We may get a strong, hot shower, a cold shower, or no water at...

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Today we said our good-byes and headed to Nairobi for our last week here…but before I get into that, I would like to share what happened today before we left. I don’t have any pictures right now, so I am going to try and describe it in words. We had arranged for the 5 children that were sponsored while we were here to come to the Tumaini office today and be blessed by their sponsor...

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