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Okay so I have a little bit of explaining to do. Yesterday I talked about how I met the newest member of our family, Mutunga, who my parents sponsored. Well it turns out Mutunga had been sponsored before I said we would sponsor him, but it hadn’t gone through the system yet. So this morning, Rose, Paul, and Elizabeth (Tumaini founder and employees) told me the “bad news” that my family didn’t actually sponsor Mutunga. I was bummed of course, but when you think about it, that’s kind of a good problem to have. There are too many sponsors. And I believe wholeheartedly that God has a purpose for everything that happens. I mean I got to meet Mutunga and impact his life in a way I will never be able to comprehend. God is good.

So today we did more house visits and I got to meet the little boy who my parents actually sponsor, Joshua. Joshua is eight years old, an older brother, in grade two, and HIV+. He, his brother, and his mother live in a house on land that belongs to Joshua’s grandmother. Because of this they only have one small room with one bed where all three of them sleep. I noticed that Joshua and his brother Simon weren’t wearing shoes and had very flat feet, a sign of not wearing shoes for an extended period of time. It broke my heart. I found myself again experiencing this overwhelming feeling of family. I love Joshua. I gave him a backpack full of shirts, school supplies, and star wars toys and he just had a smile from ear to ear. It is amazing to see how such a small gift gives so much joy. Joshua and Mutunga will both be coming to the office on Monday and I will take them to the market to buy them new clothes, shoes, and whatever else they need. I will buy them whatever they need. I have so much. I feel it is my responsibility to give what I have. And I just want to give to them. Like I said, they are my family and I love them.

What broke my heart about today though was Joshua’s little brother, Simon. He is also HIV+, but is not sponsored. He desperately needs a sponsor because he needs medication to fight this disease he has. It broke my heart. I am praying that he will be sponsored very soon. I trust in God because He always provides for us. The Lord is good and brings families together across oceans. I could die today and be completely satisfied because God has spoken to me and shown me so many things over the past two and a half weeks. I got to meet Grace, the girl I sponsor, and meet Joshua, the boy my parents sponsor. God has blessed me so much. I know this probably sounds bad but I just want to come back here to see these two kids again. I mean we haven’t even left and I’m already planning on coming back and visiting them again. God willing I will be back here, in this exact place writing about how I finally, after two years, was re-united with Grace and Joshua. God I love you so much and I pray provision, protection, and healing over these two families.

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Okay…two hours later and I just found out right now my super awesome aunt is going to sponsor Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing is God!?!?! He works in amazing ways that we DO NOT understand. Huge shout out to you and Mike aunt Patty :). I love you guys and appreciate your contribution because you will change this boys life!! Below is a picture of newly sponsored Simon. God is so good!



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