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Masii Children’s Fun Day (13 July)

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Last Saturday, we hosted a “fun day” for the Tumaini children sponsored by Valley Christian Church members.  Yesterday, we hosted a similar event for children of Masii Christian Chapel, Masii Academy (where Emily teaches), and from the local marketplace.  Basically, all the kids in the area were invited.  Inviting the children from MCC and the Academy was easy…announcements were made.  The marketplace children presented a little more of a challenge but the team was up to the task.



In spite of the best laid plans and eager volunteers from MCC and the Academy, we were almost overwhelmed by the number of children (final count: 210) who showed up.  Imagine a game of green light/red light with those many kids.  Imagine playing balloon toss and trying to get everyone to toss at the same time.  Though we were all exhausted by the end of the day, it was richly rewarding.  Hopefully, some of the children will fondly remember the day and come back to MCC with their families.

Some of my favorite memories from the day:

  1. Serving side-by-side with the people of Masii.  The world gets a little smaller when you’re able to do that.
  2. We had water balloons left over after the toss.  We threw them randomly at crowds of children.  The best part was that it was the only part of the day when the sun came out.
  3. Muia sat with all of the kids in the Fellowship Hall watching someone perform.  As he sat there, he played with his newly received toys.  A boy in front of him turned around and tried to take Muia’s toy.  Muia turned around trying to find me.  When we made eye contact, I waved at him, the other boy quickly turned around, and Muia smiled.

I think he likes his new shoes.


“Making melodies in my heart….”


Endless line during mealtime




Red light/Green Light


Craft Time

DSCN8902 DSCN8963



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