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“SAWA-SAWA” (This was posted 1 day late…Sorry Rick)

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“It’s fine, it’s fine” (or “it’s good, it’s good” saying it is OK whatever you are telling me)…This seems to be the answer to almost everything. What a great day this was. One of our goals in coming to Masii again was to, not only, see all the children, have 2 day camps, build a house, and work at a WEEP Center but it was to HONOR those we came in contact with.  This morning was just that. Last night we decided that we would all share verses of encouragement to the entire Tumaini staff and then wash their feet. We ambushed them (haha). Cindy went to the office and told them we need to talk to them all, and so they all came up to the dining room and sat down. Then we proceeded to have them sit in a line of chairs and began to share with them. It was awesome…every team member shared about what they see in the lives of the staff and unbelievably encouraged them. Then we pulled out basins of water (that we had prepared earlier) and proceeded to wash their feet. What was funny, is when we started to wash their feet, they began to giggle…we thought, “Why are they laughing?” Then we found out. After we were done washing their feet and we hugged and prayed over them (and the tears of joy were wiped away), they told us that they knew about Jesus washing the disciples feet, and they had read the story many times but,…THEY HAD NEVER HAD THEIR FEET WASHED!!! What an honor for our team (your team) to kneel before servants that are on the front lines of ministry and do something for them they had never had done before. Thank you Jesus.

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Today were home visits of the children that our team sponsored while we were here!! Kevin and Tina Puckett sponsored a young boy named Joshua; Sean Cornish sponsored a young girl named Nzula; Emily Hoverson sponsored a young girl named Pauline “Mwende” (very cool); Sarah Hoverson sponsored a young girl named Faith…you might be asking yourself, “Wait, I see 5 pictures. Who is that last little boy?”…Well, his name is Simon and he was just sponsored by Patty Puckett (Kaleb’s aunt). Simon is Joshua’s brother. GOOD JOB PATTY!!…IT WAS A GOOD DAY! Everyone needs to consider sponsoring a young child…it brings hope through saving their lives…LITERALLY!!! $35 dollars a month to bring “life” (literally) to a child that is dying. A child who has lost one, or both, parents to HIV and is usually HIV+  themselves…CRAZY!!  STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST DO IT…

SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!! Copy and paste the link below in your “search bar”:



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