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Sean Cornish
Sean Cornish My name is Sean Cornish. I love that God is so awesome as to give me and my church family the opportunity to go and help family around the globe. ... More >

Ken My name is Ken and Im a 22 year old nursing student at California Baptist University. ... More >

Mike My name is Mike Hoverson and I am passionate about teenagers coming to know and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus, and reaching all people with the Gospel. ... More >

Emily I am 22 years old. I am currently going to school to get my B.A. in Teaching. ... More >

Cindy Author ... More >

Caleb Author ... More >

Sarah I am a junior at George Fox University, majoring in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in missions. My passion is agriculture, and one day I would love to educate people in agriculture that live in third-world countries because that is what they depend on to live. ... More >

Rick I've been blessed with a loving (and lovely!) wife, a son (Luke, 10), and daughter (Bella, 5). Since coming to Valley over two years ago, our walk has grown to leaps. We delight in serving the Lord and His people, whether through peacemaking, caring children, or serving the downtrodden locally and abroad. ... More >

Kaleb My name is Kaleb Puckett. I am sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school. I really love spending time with my friends, playing Frisbee, and just being active. I love listening to hardcore Christian music and going to concerts. ... More >

Catie Im Catie. Im 19 years old. I love playing the ukulele and spending time with my family. ... More >

Jackie Hey! My name is Jackie Trout. I am passionate about prayer, ministry, and missions. I am definitely a person who hears when someone needs prayer and I immediately pray over them. Why wait? God is already moving and my desire is to see His Kingdom and glory on earth. ... More >

Ian I'm Ian Trout, and I used to love being a comfortable Christian. ... More >


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  1. I’m proud of you, Son…you have been through a lot this year but yet you were brave enough to serve The Lord and His people in Kenya! I miss you and be safe…

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