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“We do our best and God does the rest.”

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“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith…” -Galatians 3:26


 Charles                                   Nick

Nick and Charles (founders of Community Transformers) were born and grew up in the Mithari Slum. In 2008 (Nick and Charles were about 19 years old) there was a political uprising in Kenya (most of you have probably heard about this). Two tribes each had a representative running for President. When the election results came in, one lost and one won (obviously)…but this caused one tribe to war against the other. Well, within the Mithari Slums people from the two different tribes live together. One began to war against the other. Fighting broke out…people were killing each other in the streets. Houses were being burned. People were being beheaded and cut to pieces…literally!! The streets were running red with blood. It was complete mayhem. The children, as well as adults that were not involved in the fighting, watched in horror and feared for their lives. There was a building that the Community Transformers had just started using to bring hope to the Mithari slums…people ran to that building seeking refuge and safety…hiding for their very lives. Nick and Charles (founders of Community Transformers) realized something needed to be done. Without hesitation, they ran into the middle of all the fighting and began pulling injured people out and carrying them up to the street (which in many cases was very far and uphill) to be picked up by ambulance and taken to the hospital. The ambulances would not enter the slums because the drivers feared they might be killed. So for people to get help, they needed to make it to the street. As Nick and Charles carried one person after another up the hill to the street, they would put them down and would run in for the next one. This went on for hours. Nick cried out to God and said, “Father, please help us we are so tired…if we just had a stretcher we could do this so much faster.” As Nick rounded the corner headed up to the street…there it was, a stretcher leaning up against the door of the Community Transformer building. “PRIASE GOD!!” Nick thought to himself…maybe even yelling it out. Using the stretcher, they began to carry out three and four people at a time. The only reason they stopped was due to complete and total exhaustion. This began a ministry to people (“clients”) of the Mithari slums. This “transformed” into helping women and children affected by, and with AIDS. They brought food, medicine and would make sure they were able to get to their doctor appointments (as well as helping them spiritually and letting them know they were not been forgotten).

-Side note:

AIDS is an interesting thing here in Kenya. Due to the lack of education about the disease, people who have it are “shunned” and pushed aside and left to die. Friends, neighbors, and even family will simply wait for the person to die and then “collect the body” of the deceased. People believe just touching someone infected will cause them to become infected also. There is also a “denial” that is very prevalent. Men, the main spreaders of the disease, won’t get tested and just keep spreading it around by sleeping with many women. This is a very male dominated culture and the women are mostly treated like sex objects…never saying “no”, and if they do, they are usually raped by the man (Now to be clear, this is mostly in the slums and in the poverty stricken areas). THE CRAZIEST THING?…After the men know that the women are infected, they don’t hang around! They leave…leave the infected mother and all of their children. COWARDS!!!!!!

Now we have to remember that most (if not all) these women have children (usually more than 1…normally like 3 or 4) that might also be HIV positive or have full blown AIDS…now you have a complete family that is in need. Now the challenge is…What happens when the mother dies or can no longer take care of her children? Enter a new level of Community Transformers intervention. They opened an orphanage for children whose parents have died or are no longer around. 3 rooms on the third floor of a building that was dark, dirty, and cramped with neighbors that would come in and steal from them and treat the children horribly. Nick and Charles knew they needed to get out of there, and their dream was to build an orphanage that could house, feed, and care for these children. Well, God blessed them and they began building the “Tree House”.


It is no by no means finished but, the children are living in it…safe, cared for, and loved. It is an amazing place with amazing children and amazing people running it. All of the children are in school, well fed, and have a clean place to sleep with beds, blankets, pillows, bathrooms, showers, and their own “trunk” for their personal clothes and items. It is awesome!!!

ENTER THE DEVIL…what does Satan try to do when the Kingdom of God is actually happening here on earth? He tries to tear and down and destroy it…because that is what he does…HE ALSO IS A COWARD…THE BIGGEST COWARD!!!  Enter…someone (let’s just keep it that anonymous) that gave a lot of money to help complete the roof of the Tree House.  This person came to Nick and Charles and said, “I have given a lot of money for this orphanage, and I need you to sign over all of the property and everything to me and my organization so we can take over and run it right.” Nick and Charles said, “Thank you for your help and contribution but, we can’t do that.” This person tried something different, this person began to spread rumors saying, “The children were not being taken care of properly” and, “They were not being fed” and, “They were not clean”…and a bunch of other BS statements that just crawled up under my skin and made me want to hit something or someone…all to just get control of the orphanage. Then to hear Nick and Charles say, “We couldn’t believe what was being said about us. But then we just stepped back and said, ‘God we know your justice will win out. We know you will do what you want.’” Well, that person is GONE; never to bother Nick and Charles again…she gave up!! That is what happens when the devil comes up against our MIGHTY GOD! I began to cry…for the next 10 minutes I poured out encouragement and praise over them…hugging them about every 2 to 3 minutes. We finished our tea and I called the team over, we laid hands on them, and prayed Kingdom down on them. Right before we left, I hugged Charles and told him that I loved him, and then hugged Nick and began to cry and told him that I loved him and that they were doing God’s work and I was honored to know them and pray for them and that we would be back.

There is so much more to this story…wait till I tell you about my friend Lucas! And I didn’t even mention that today was another “FUN DAY” for the children at the Tree House.


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It was an amazing day…and I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now.



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